A Simple Breakdown

In terms of what to eat and what not to eat, I think it’s pretty obvious that processed and packaged foods with additives and preservatives are a hard no. The confusion for most people lies within the scope of meat or no meat, fat or no fat, is dairy actually healthy or bad for you? How much naturally occurring sugar should I consume from fruits? Unfortunately the answer isn’t as black and white as I would like it to be and either is the research. But there is a silver lining! There is still a lot of great supporting research out there that is helping to guide us in the right direction. We just have to be critical and picky with what we read and how we choose to interpret it.

I want to talk about each macronutrient (protein, fat and carbohydrates) as well as each micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) separately and in detail, because there is a lot to say. How much of each should we be consuming? How often? What is the best source? There are so many questions that need to be addressed and I want try and clear up some the confusion and miscommunication between consumers and suppliers.

Another topic I would like to discuss is sports supplements and ergogenic aids for those who are trying to enhance their physical performance levels. Protein powder, pre-work, BCAA’s and creatine are all examples of ergogenic aids that I would like to dive into detail about and look at the current scientific evidence to support their claim to fame.

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